TP Scooter Maximillian II (New)

TP Scooter Maximillian II (New)

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Maximilian II electric scooter offers top class eco-friendly mobility.

The electric Scooter is absolutely zero-emission and soundless in transit.

Hi-tech electric motors that do not emit a single gram of CO2 take over the driving mechanism.

Maximilian II is absolutely soundless and emission-free.

Soundless electric engine takes over the driving mechanism without emitting a single gram of CO2.

Maximilian II is a fine example of how modern mobility actively supports climate protection.

It’s a sheer pleasure for the driver and for the environment!

German developers have minimized tolerances, reinforced materials and reworked many details. For Maximilian they invested in sophisticated, sustainable and robust technology.

Maximilian II will guarantee you joyful flexible and comfortable mobility both in cities and countryside.

Whether it’s for shopping, getting to work, on holiday or just for fun – Tante Paula TÜV* - certified electric scooters are approved and can be used everywhere in the EU**.

The original battery for Maximilian is the Tante Paula Silicon 36v, 12Ah, 25/30 km range.


For different mobility needs, Rent Electric is offering an extended range, lightweight lithium battery with 50/60 Km range at a price of € 600.


Actuation - Low maintenance direct drive, protected against contamination, with free-sheel, TP patent.

Brakes - Front/rear disc brake system with automatic motor cutoff.

Suspension - Front polymer suspension fork, adjustable rear swing arm suspension.


6 months of guarantee of the new batteries.

1 year of guarantee of the scooter.


Frame - Hardened steel flat tube frame with extra wide handlebar.

Tyres - 12.5" motorbike racing tyres on aluminium rims with self-sealing tube.
Seat post - Tapered seat post in baseball bat look.
Plate - Movable number plate holder.
Rear mirror - Downward-mounted rear mirror, designed by Giovanni Sellari.
Paintworks - Black, matt.
Dimension - Roadworthy approx. 139 long x 66 wide x 113 cm high. Folded up approx. 139 long x 35 wide x 62 cm high.
Weight - Approx. 30 Kg (excluding battery).
Battery weight - Approx. 14.5 Kg.
Battery charger - Special rechargeable battery-friendly charger with LED indicator and reverse battery protection (36V, 1670 mA).
Fittings - Key for ignition lock and battery compartment, oversteering limit, retention points for luggage rack, horn and bell.
Max speed - 32 Km/h.
Range - Depending on the battery.
Charging time - Approx. 5 hours with original battery charger.
Approval - With EU approval for road service.