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Electric Bike E-Bike

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E-Bike - our electric bikes are particularly popular among tourists interested in the city sightseeing. And this is not surprising, due to its capacity of 100 km of ride without charging and increased comfortability level. Our e-bikes can become loyal companions for people with various lifestyles. Whether your goal is to reduce riding time for a purpose, or acquire a new biking experience, the e-bike will help to fulfil it!

Items you can get free of charge:

  • Map
  • Lock
  • Basket
  • Helmet
  • Baby seat up to 25kg (write us an email to request in advance)

When picking up a bike:

  • Passport or ID card (same as on the reservation).
  • Optional insurance - 5 € (paid at the store).
  • Deposit - 50 € each vehicle (paid by card at the store).